Évolutions ART 1.18.1 VS 1.19.3

Bonjour à tous.
Quelles sont les évolutions de ART V 1.19.3 par rapport à la dernière téléchargée début Mars, la V 1.18.1

En italique les améliorations

$ git log --pretty=format:“* %s (%h)” ^1.18.0 1.19.3 | grep -v Merge

  • removed irrelevant Git info from ReleaseInfo.cmake (95fde405a)
  • vignette: update the on-screen center widget when the crop changes (4d94f6a45)
  • thumbnail: do not try to load from cache after the first failure (2ceb4d52c)
  • further cleanup of the mess with thumbnail refreshing (e9eefc35d)
  • reverted to old behaviour for thumbnail refreshing (8876465b7)
  • added raw crop for Fujifilm X-T5 (423179b37)
  • try to properly refresh thumbnail images when resized (36057feae)
  • updated camera matrices and wb presets (f34d4fd2e)
  • updated translations (817b01912)
  • updated translations (deb13d9a6)
  • updated translations (0d7882234)
  • added option to cache processed thumbnail images (f5aedb2ca)
  • options: default false for show_exiftool_makernotes (same as old behaviour) (ae938b57c)
  • proper shutdown of exiftool when exiting (10bedeaa9)
  • fixed problem with opening non-ascii filenames from the command line on windows (9cc48df32)
  • spot removal: added button to bypass heavy tools when editing spots (76a1a522a)
  • smoothing: fixed bug with mask application in lens/motion blur modes (33de10071)
  • improved formatting of exiftool makernotes (a3be4eaac)

metadata: added option to show makernotes with exiftool (b1c9cc9dd)

improve spot removal performance in preview window (8d23704b6)

  • improve description of system monitor profile detected (0f7d75c88)
  • reverted 457aad331b536e90c2cdc80514b93ae1bce87a00 (bc6f9d046)
  • color correction: set LUT default dir to the Hald Cluts dir from preferences (95be32fb8)
  • added command-line flag to load the last session (issue #282) (a50d35856)
  • dcrop: avoid recomputing transform when not needed (457aad331)

added support for more cameras with pixel shift (fda5554d1)

  • metadata: fixed hangup on unix when exiftool was not found (9d83df5cd)
  • limit scale for output sharpening in preview to 1.0 (db47da21b)

smoothing: use inpainting also for “motion blur” (6458edfa3)

  • fixed artifacts in applying rectangular area masks (a1d5fc125)

lens blur: apply inpainting to the unaffected areas to better simulate a “large aperture background separation” effect (0f6fb3819)

  • rename labmasks.[cc|h] to masks.[cc|h] (5ec32e5f4)
  • replace omp_get_max_threads() with omp_get_num_procs() (6614616df)
  • on more tweak to caching of auto chroma denoise coefficients (c5129e455)
  • denoise: more aggressive caching of auto chroma coefficients (424a6e3ad)
  • fixed corrupted thumbnails when using the libraw decoder with a custom raw crop (ad122a216)
  • trying to speedup denoise with automatic chroma (123a8c5a7)
  • fixed progress string (2e5069c9e)
  • denoise: try avoiding recomputation of automatic chrominance denoise when not necessary (5cb567ca8)
  • saveasdlg: fixed bug in setting filename (46c0fc85e)
  • fix warnings with -flto on gcc 12 (1b9e2cf6d)
  • try to recover if the exiftool process returns an error (429160544)
  • better integration with exiftool (reuse the same process instead of spawning a new one every time) (a5e5a8dc7)
  • clutstore: proper cleanup of temporary files created when decompressing clfz LUTs (b6ebeebf5)
  • fixed bug in setting the file extensio for custom output formats in the batch queue (15fd70811)
  • added support for lcms2 fast float (0719c0070)
  • save dialog: fixed empty filename and wrong filter application (700576721)
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